I hope you all have a great summer with your horses!  Please continue to network on this site, you can blog your advertisements here by leaving comments.  Please post any sale items or services, and be sure to leave contact information so that prospective buyers can reach you.  Also, feel free to post your own links to other sites, ads, etc. 

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06/25/2009 07:29


Just making sure this will work, so that you all can post as well!

09/12/2010 13:04

Hi my name is Jacklyn and i am 13 years old i am wanting a horse very badly but i dont have a place to put it if i were to buy one of your beautiful horses would i be able to keep it at your farm ( or where-ever you keep them) I have over $170 which i know is not enough!! :( but i could try to get more money :) i hope i could "have" one of these marvellous horses!!!! if you have any info for me that would be great!!! :) thankyou so much!! and i hope to some-day own a horse (with my parents permission of-course!!) lol Thankyou!!

07/15/2012 17:34

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07/15/2012 17:34

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