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This allows us to get to know eachother so we can more effectively work together to determine exactly what your needs and goals are.

For Owners

I have a unique ability to bridge the communication gap between horse and rider, alleviating a lot of common problems.  Improving the level of understanding between you and your horse, and reasserting yourself as the leader, will not only strengthen the bond between you, but also increase your confidence in your own ability to handle your horse.

For Horses

If the problems you face are beyond your comfort or experience level, I offer complete training from the ground up, using natural horsemanship techniques.  I encourage you to observe and learn my method, and welcome you to participate as much as you would like.  I am experienced in both english and western training, and welcome the opportunity to train towards any goal you have in mind.

Basic skills and fundamental concepts are the key to a balanced relationship with your horse

My adaptable teaching style is great for adults and children alike.  Whether you are just starting out, or getting back into riding, I will help you work towards your personal goals.

Having trouble finding the perfect horse?  Let me find it for you.

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